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Photo by Chris Mikula, The Ottawa Citizen.

South Indian Dosas: A new breed of Ottawa Food Truck

At once exotic and accessible, the dosa—a healthy vegetarian/gluten-free street food—is a natural addition to one of Ottawa's most diverse and eclectic communities in Centretown.

A proud supporter of both the Ottawa food scene and cultural landscape of our city, owner Jake Thomas is excited to inject a little Southern India into the neighbourhood at and around Somerset and Lyon.

Steeped in South Indian Tradition,
Rich in Ottawa History

Born and raised in Ottawa, Jake has passion for the city and maintains strong ties and partnerships in the community. At the same time, Jake is deeply rooted in his family’s history in Kerala, India, which inspired him to share his mother’s delicious recipes with the city he loves.

At Dosa Inc., we are passionate about three things: good food, rich culture and the great city of Ottawa. We believe that our delicious Dosas and our great location across from a very cool and quietly understated landmark serve to strengthen all the things we love about this city. We hope you’ll think so too!

What's a Dosa?

A dosa (ದೋಸೆ) is a type of crepe or pancake made from rice batter and lentils, commonly served with sambar and chutneys.

It is a staple vegetarian dish in the southern states of India, including Kerala, where Dosa Inc. founder Jake Thomas has his roots.

Both a breakfast and lunch/dinner option, dosas contains no sugar or saturated fats. They are also gluten-free and contain a healthy amount of protein.

Dosa can be filled with vegetables, potatoes and sauces and are typically served with a vegetarian side dishes such as chutneys and sambar.

A dosa is served hot, either folded in half or rolled like a wrap.

Dosa Wiki

Cold War Dosas?

Proudly local, it's only fitting that our dosa food truck is located directly across from a historic Ottawa landmark—the former Somerset Street apartment of Igor Gouzenko.

Gouzenko was a cipher clerk for the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa, who defected in 1945 with 109 documents on Soviet espionage activities in the West. The affair is often cited as a key event that triggered to the Cold War.

Gouzenko Wiki

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