Dosas are light, crispy, sour dough crepes made from rice and lentils. Served with sambar (vegetable soup), chutney and plantain chips.

#1 Plain Dosa $5

#2 Ghee Dosa $6

Dosa topped with clarified butter

#3 Masala Dosa $8

The classic dosa, filled with potato, mixed vegetables and spices

#4 Breakfast Dosa $8

Dosa filled with spinach, cheese and fried egg

#5 The Olympian $8

Dosa filled with spinach, tomato, olives and feta cheese

#6 The Californian $8

Dosa filled with spinach, avocado, walnuts and goat cheese

#7 The Gooey Gouzenko $8

Dosa filled with spiced cabbage, mushrooms and cheese

#8 The Kochi $8

Dosa filled with paneer (Indian cottage cheese), sauteed onions, tomato, cream, peppers, ginger, garlic and ghee

#9 The Bureaucrat $8

Dosa with broccoli, cheese and sauteed mushrooms

#10 Kids dosa $6

Smaller dosa filled with table cream and grated carrots

#11 Pink Lady $8

Dosa filled with ice cream, honey and cherries

#12 The Karate Dosa $8

Dosa with noodles, green pepper, chili sauce, ginger, garlic

#13 Chit Chaat Dosa $8

Chick pea masala, green pepper, onions, tomato, ginger, garlic


Uttapams are thick sour dough pancakes made from rice and lentils. Served with sambar, chutney and plantain chips.

#14 Classic Uttapam $7

Uttapam filled with mixed vegetables

#15 Pepper Uttapam $7

Uttapam filled with red, yellow and green peppers


$10 for 800ml - makes 6-7 dosas!


A wide variety of traditional and not-so-traditional dosa options, plus daily specials on offer at the truck.


Chai Tea $2 Mango Lassi $2 Soft Drinks $1.50 Juice $3 Water $1


Pink Lady Dosa filled with ice cream, honey and cherries. Kulfi (Indian ice cream popsicle). Blueberry, Strawberry, Pistachio, Mango and more...